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Dangerous Animal

shortfilm: 9:26 min, color, Mini-DV / DVD / Beta SP

Germany 2005, 20er filmproduction

adventure / horror / mistery / comedy


Christoph Hagen Dittmann

and Ahmed Ben Mansour

shot in Douz / Tunisia and Babelsberg / Germany


director: Thomas Frick

writer: Thomas Frick and Stefan Zwanzger

camera: Guntram Franke

editor: Thomas Frick

setdesign: Anna Haas

sounddesign: Markus Krohn

colorcorrection: Salar Ghazi

producer: Stefan Zwanzger

location manager: Jihed Grira

Jessica Franz: Assistenz

box carpenter: Jamel

camel guide: Amor

extras: Salem and Braik




Down in the wadi, in a wooden box, as the bedouins told, is a dangerous animal.

Superstition, the tourist says: we must catch it!

Oh no, the bedouins cry: dangerous!

If you are so afraid about it, why don´t you take a handgranate?

And fate takes its way...

one line:

An enlightened cosmopolitan ends up in a wooden box in the sahara!


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contact: director / festival contacts / press contacts:

Thomas Frick

Kopernikusstr. 2

D-14482 Potsdam



 t e l . :  +49 (0) 331 270 1230 / +49 (0) 171 415 9676


director Thomas Frick´s biographie:

born 1962 in Rostock / Germany, Master of Fine Arts for directing at filmschool HFF Babelsberg, living in Potsdam and Berlin / Germany

directors filmographie, exerpt:

10 Tage im Oktober (80min, 1989, Goldene Taube Leipzig 1989) - Varieté (27 min, 1992, Best Vision Tokyo Student Filmfestival 1994) - Der unbekannte Deserteur (40 min, 1994, Finalist Award International Film Festival Huston) - Emmerich (12 min, 1999, Audience Award, Halloweenfilmfest Stuttgart) - Grünes Licht (7 min, 2000) - Detective Lovelorn (90 min, 2002, Nomin. 1th Movie Award - Berlinale 2002) - Dangerous Animal (10 min, 2005, Audience Award, Selb) - Susie! (2:45 min, 2005, Ecotopten Film Award)

(klick for the full illustred filmobio)

producer / world sales:

Stefan Zwanzger



Int. Grenzlandfilmtage Selb, Int. Kurzfilmfestival Soest, Funniest Shorts Schongau, Great Shorts Berlin, CON CAN Media Plaza Tokyo, Filmfest Emden, Rural Route New Y ork...

Shnit Shortfilm Festival Bern, SHowcase Schwäbisch Hall, International Filmfest Lake Tahoe / Nevada, Geniale Stralsund, Shorts at Moonlight Bad Soden, Filmfest Weiterstadt, Fernsehworkshop Entwicklungspolitik Hamburg, Filmn8 München, Festival der Nationen Ebensee, Hollywood Filmfest Los Angeles...

Int. Filmfestival Kansk / Russland, Galao Shots Festival Berlin, CortiCorti Fasano Italy, OpenShorts Lüchow, Int. Videofestival Bochum, Cinemambiente Torino, Cortometrajes Santiago de Chile...

Abgedreht Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Panorama Of Independent Filmakers Athen, Lichtspiele Adelaide / Australia, Int. Filmfestival Dhaka / Bangladesh, KaraFilm Festival Karachi - Pakistan, Worldfest Houston, Manchester Int. Filmfest, EKOFilm Praha...

  Great Shorts Festival



Audience Award, Internationale Grenzlandfilmtage Selb


Citation of the Jury, Festival der Nationen, Ebensee


Publikumssieger Shorts at Moonlight Bad Soden /

Finalist Skoda Kurzfilmpreis Mainz


“Memorable Award” 7. International Panorama of Independent Film & Video Makers Athen


Winner International Shortfilm Award Mechernich


Bronze Award Winner International Worldfest Houston


and Finalist at the Hollywood Filmfest


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