Thomas Frick

TAKE FRICK! Thomas Frick, director

international award winning german director, author and producer

Thomas Frick, born 1962 in Rostock, in Eastern Germany, made his first short movie in November 1983: a 15 minutes long film in super8-format titled ”Der Ausflug ins Gebirge” inspired by a Franz Kafka novel.

Other shorts followed, like ”Das Massaker”, ”Zeit der Feuer” and ”Rotkäppchen” – which has been observed by the Eastern German secret police ”Stasi working with Horst Buchholz” due to their ”subversive content”.

Supported by courageously people like Heiner Carow and Claus Dobberke, both directors at DEFA-filmstudios, Thomas Frick started to study at the ”HFF - Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen - Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam Babelsberg in 1988.

During that time he directed several international award winning short films and documentaries like ”10 Tage im Oktober” (10 Days In October), ”Varieté” (Variety show) and ”Der unbekannte Deserteur” (The Unknown Deserter, starring Udo Kier and Ralf Möller, shot in L.A.), which was the very first co-production between HFF Babelsberg film school and the film department of U.C.L.A. in Los Angeles . Famous director Roland Emmerich was Frick´s U.S. mentor.

In 1996 he graduated with a shooting old egyptdiploma in directing for cinema and TV.

After a lot of TV work, advertising and other short films Thomas Frick directed his first feature film for cinema ”Detective Lovelorn und die Rache des Pharao” (Detective Lovelorn And The Revenge Of The Pharaoh) starring Horst Buchholz in his last leading role.

The latest strike of director Thomas Frick was the highly rated short film “Dangerous Animal” winning international Awards.

Thomas Frick teaches screenwriting, dramaturgy and directing in both english and german language.

He also writes poems and film critics. His first book, “The perfect island” won the P.M. magazins readers award.

Since many years Frick is involved in non-profit projects with children, students and disabled persons - projects for tolerance, better understanding, fair trade, enviroment and against violence f.e. the ”Augen auf!”-commercial clips for cinema and on set with Axel PrahlTV and the award-winning social spot ”Susie!”.

Thomas Frick also worked with Stars like Detlev Buck, Axel Prahl, Florian Lucas, Didi Hallervorden and Jörg Schüttauf and so with musicans like Gentleman, Mobi and Mia.

Fricks stage play debut “Kikerikiste”, written by famous author Paul Maar did not only move the hearts of children. A play after Jean Paul Sartre and a musical comedy followed.

New projects like a TV-movie, a radio play, a commercial series and a novel are in preparation.

A filmmaker never sleeps.

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